Don't put anything in your mouth.


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Konnen Sie mir Helfen? Wie sagt man diesen Ausdruck auf Deutsch?

Mein Versuch:

Steck nicht irgendetwas in deinen Mund.

"Don't put anything in your mouth".

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    "Steck nichts in deinen Mund" to a small child for example. (any-words are seldom translated into German)

    "Steck das(this) nicht in deinen Mund"
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    - etwas in den Mund nehmen, nichts in den Mund nehmen (nehmen is the preferred verb in combination with Mund)
    - etwas in den Mund stecken, nichts in den Mund stecken

    - Nimm nichts in deinen Mund! Steck dir nichts in deinen Mund!

    However, we would rather say: Nimm das nicht in den Mund! (Don't put that into your mouth!)


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    You can use both verbs but depending on the situation I would prefer the verb "stecken" because "nehmen" - well it is possible and used in the same context but more often than not it refers to swearwords, doesn't it?
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