don't scratch your hood

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  1. TORNASSOL Senior Member

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    Tengo un diálogo entre dos amigos judíos y tengo la sensación que todo se dice con doble sentido. ¿Alguien me lo puede confirmar?

    "It's just that sometimes a man wants to be let off the leash."
    "I wouldn't recommend it." He frowned at him. "Don't scratch your hood."
    "My scalp itches. Us jews are not supposed to lose our hair."

    Traducción: No te rasques la capucha??

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  2. Valeria Mesalina

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    Supongo que se refiere a la kipá
  3. TORNASSOL Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    Lo había pensado. Pero he buscado en "Google images" "jewish hood" y no me ha salido nada parecido a la kipá, así que tenía dudas.

  4. gengo

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    First, I think "lash" is a typo for "leash," which makes much more sense.

    As for hood, I don't think it refers to a skull cap (or yarmulke), and my impression is that the man is wearing a hoodie (a sweatshirt with a hood) and is scratching his head through the fabric of the hood. He is apparently losing his hair and it itches.
  5. TORNASSOL Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    Sorry I missed the "e" of leash. You're right. Thanks a lot for your help.

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