Don't shoot!


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I'm curious how to say in Hungarian these phrases(to one person and to several):
"Don't shoot!"

Thanks in advance!
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    AndrasBP, Thank you very much!

    You speak Russian, don't you? If you do, could you please write the transcription of these phrases in Russian (I mean Cyrillic)? Is "ő" like Russian "ё" or do they differ from each other? As a matter of fact, I don't know Hungarian at all.


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    Yes, I do speak Russian and I know that Hungarian "ő" is often transcribed as Russian "ё" (e.g. Hungarian poet Petőfi as Петёфи), but that's just an approximation. The actual vowel sound does not exist in Russian (or other Slavic languages). Russian "ё" is basically the sequence "yo" and it softens (palatalizes) the preceding consonant, whereas Hungarian "ő" doesn't. The "t" in Petőfi remains hard, and the vowel quality is different, too.

    There's no other way to transcribe the phrases, however, so it might be something like:

    Нэ л
    ёй! / Не лёйэтэк!