Don't Sweat The Technique

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  1. Kavash Senior Member

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    Hi there,

    Everything is in the title, I just wanted to have the most closest explanation on it...

    Do I have to understand it like don't snitch the technique, or don't die on this terrific sound or more like don t try to copy our style...:eek:

    It s kind of a confusion... Anybody got a hint ?:idea:

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  2. david314

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    I imagine that it means: don't worry too much about technique, don't put too much effort (sweat) into the technique. Et en français? :)
  3. Kavash Senior Member

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    Sounds nice, but then I heard don t sweat me about it... maybe there is a link, like don't break my b**** with that ? or something like that ?

    En Français I would say something like :

    Ne te prends pas trop la tête sur la technique ou tranquille sur la technique, for don't put too much effort in it I would say, va pas te faire suer but it s more for the joke, seriously n'en fait pas trop would be the best guess...

    Cheers, but I think we need to scavenge a little bit more...
  4. Kavash Senior Member

    France French

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