Don't swing in your chair/don't swing your chair

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If someone is fidgeting about in a chair, and the chair is titled with the front two legs hanging in the air, what will sound natural:

Don't swing in your chair.
Don't swing your chair.

What sounds natural: "swing in your chair" or "swing your chair"?

Thank you:)
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    It's actually leaning back and then swinging it a bit while sitting in/on it. So I wanted to know about "swing" being used in thiscontext in particular. (It's titling your chair and moving your chair sideways a little bit in both the directions)


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    I guess I would understand 'Don't swing in your chair!' if I heard it spoken to someone who I could see was doing what you describe,, but without any context, or any visual clues, I would have no idea what it meant.


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    I wonder if "chair-swinging"/"swinging on one's chair" is a Scottish term, given the link in post 7 and ewie's childhood memories?
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