Don't throw the garbage.


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Don't throw the garbage.

Tonight I saw the above in an elementary school here. And I wonder if it sounds right to you. I think it is meant to express "don't litter."
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    "Don't throw the garbage" is not the standard American phrase for "Don't litter." The usual American phrase, for an admonitory sign, is, "Don't litter."

    "Don't throw the garbage" misuses the definite article.


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    Don't throw the garbage.
    If this is some sort of sign, it would be extremely weird here in the U.S. since it would be taken to mean that students should not fling garbage at each other.

    That's something that one hopefully does not have to caution students about.

    If it indeed means "don't litter," it was probably written by somebody with poor knowledge of natural English expressions.
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