don't trip/ they're hating

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  1. Pepa Garcia New Member

    Me gustaria saber que significa esta frase en español,

    "dnt trip u did ur thing theyre just hatin"

  2. cutiepie1892

    cutiepie1892 Senior Member

    Northern Ireland English
    This is a very colloquial sentence (with lots of abbreviations!!) First i'll remove the shortened words:
    Don't trip you did your thing they're just hating"
    Don't trip means something along the lines of "don't worry (about it)", "don't get upset"
    They're just hating I would say means "they just don't appreciate how good you were/they're just hateful"
    I can't really think of the words to explain "you did your thing"

    P.S. I know you wanted it in Spanish but as it is so colloquial I wasn't sure exactly how to translate it accurately
  3. cutiepie1892

    cutiepie1892 Senior Member

    Northern Ireland English
    Welcome to the forums by the way!! ;)
  4. unspecified

    unspecified Senior Member

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    English, USA
    El inglés es muy, muy informal así que no usaría tales expresiones en el habla o la escritura esmerada. Pero aquí va mi intento:

    Don't trip. You did your thing. They are just hating.

    No te avergüences/desanimes. Hiciste lo tuyo. Son celosos, nada más.

    EDITO: puedes buscar expresiones parecidas (incultas/familiares/informales) aquí:
  5. Pepa Garcia New Member

    THANKS!!!! to "unspecified" and to "cutiepie1892"!!!!

    I understand english a little, but this sentence was so colloquial for me haha.

    Now with your explanation and traslation I can understand that.

    Muchas Gracias!!! Un Saludo

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