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Dear all,

how do you say in Turkish " Don't worry" in formal and informal way.

For example: Don't worry everything will be fine.

Everything will be fine is:Herşey güzel olacak, but how do you say: Don't worry?

Many thanks in advance for your help.
  • to me , for formal expression :

    "üzülmeyiniz, herşey iyi olacatır."

    would be better.
    I would say the extra -iz sounds absurdly formal nowadays and is better reserved for written language (instructions, warnings, etc.), but even there its use is quite sporadic.
    apart from one finds it absurd or sporadic we in Turkey use it!
    also , such usages are not limited to just written language.
    for instance, we perfectly use : sağolunuz, kendinize iyi bakınız, lütfen endişe etmeyiniz ,üzülmeyiniz etc.
    as stated this is formal usage and the exposer better understands / knows or realizes the distance between the responder and responded one.
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    Everything will be fine is: Her şey güzel olacak

    Hey Englishisgreat, "hepsi hallolur" or "bir şey olmayacak/hiçbir sorun çıkmaz" sounds more Turkish to me. I don't think I would prefer that verbatim.

    how do you say: Don't worry?

    If you want to sound formal, you could go with 'dert etmeyin'. However, if you want to sound more casual, 'boş ver' or 'salla' could be used instead.