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Bonjour !

Context: A tries to explain to her friend B how hard it is to not be considered attractive by men. B makes the insensitive comment below which was actually meant to be well-meaning and sympathetic. How would you translate don't you ever wish ?

English: It must be hard when you feel like people don't think you're attractive. Don't you ever wish you were pretty like Tyra Banks ?

French: Tu ne souhaites jamais être jolie comme Tyra Banks ?

Merci beaucoup !
  • StefKE

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    Your sentence is correct, but you could make it sound even more natural by saying something like:

    Tu n'as jamais envie de ressembler à Tyra Banks? (I admit the adjective "jolie" doesn"t appear in the sentence, but from what you explained, it is implied in the context).
    Or: Tu n'as jamais envie d'être aussi jolie que Tyra Banks ? (Which sounds less natural to me, but does contain the word "jolie").

    Hope this helps :)
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