don't you vs you don't


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i found a comment in a video which is "whoever marry this guy, don't you ever try to kick him out of the house, he would never come back "

제가 궁금한 부분은“ dont you ever try ~ “입니다.

저는 “ you dont ever try~” 을 잘못 쓴 줄 알았는데 의미가 크게 달라지더라구요.

이 둘의 차이점을 자세하게 알고싶습니다. 왜 이렇게 뜻이 크게 달라지는 건가요 ㅠㅠ dont you ever ~앞에 어떤 생략된 부분이 있는건가요?
  • moondeer

    "Don't you ever do that!" is correct grammar. It's a warning in colloquial language. It means the same as "Don't ever do that!"

    Other grammar in the comment is not very good, though: first, it should say "Whoever marries...," and second, it doesn't make much sense to start a sentence with the subject "Whoever," followed by a direct statement to "you."

    It should read "If you marry this guy, don't you ever kick him out of the house--he'll never come back!" The "you" is optional.
    Or, "Whoever marries this guy should never kick him out of the house; he won't come back."