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I need a synonym for doom in a special meaning.
The story: a young woman was in love with a restaurant owner who opens a new restaurant and names it after her, but they break up before the opening. Meanwhile the woman invests in the place, so they become business partners. She is of course still in love with her. During the opening they are being interviewed by the TV and the producer asks the man about their relationship and he answers quite awkwardly with a joke, telling that he had to because she owns half the place. The woman is none too pleased hearing this... She has a hard time to give an answer to the next question (about how she feels):
"I looked at it for a second, clearing my throat. “Nervous. Excited . . .” I was seized by sudden inarticulateness. Doom crept up my body. I wrapped my hands around the microphone and pulled it in closer." -- after this she starts to speak quite long
Now what is doom here? What does it mean?
Thanks for the help!

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    Here it means she had no escape. No matter how she felt, she was going to have to speak to the TV people.


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    I would take this weird metaphor to mean that a feeling of doom was gradually paralysing her, or making her "freeze". A feeling of doom is a feeling that something dreadful is about to happen.

    Is this from a novel? Can you give us the source, please?
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