Doom's day or Doomsday, Queen's bridge or Queensbridge

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How would you account for the absence of the apostrophe? Is there a case connected with syntax or morphology or it is just common usage which is traditionally/historically/folkloristically-conditioned/affected?
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    There are probably many reasons for the apparent absence of apostrophes. One of them must be that it would be awkward to write, and would also look a bit odd, with an apostrophe in the middle of a word. Imagine Queen'stown, or King'ston, or Doom'sday and so on.

    Apostrophes in town and street names don't appear to follow any universal rule. Queensbridge Square in Melbourne, for instance, is adjacent to Queens Bridge Street, which leads to Queens Bridge, which is just up (or down) river from Kings Way and Kings Bridge. Not an apostrophe in sight.
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