Doosh? [douche]

It's an offensive word I've heard in several TV shows. It sounds like "doosh". I've tried to find it in several dictionaries but been unable to find it.Is it misspelled. What does it mean.Thanks.
  • mijoch

    British English
    Possibly it's "deuce" with AE pronounciation.

    "What the deuce(hell) are you doing? and other colloquial uses. See "deuce" free dictonary.



    American English
    Good idea, mijo, but "deuce" isn't used much here, although I sometimes hear it used by American characters in mid-20th-century movies. My vote is with kayokid.

    In the U.S. in recent years, the insult douchebag has been shortened to douche. Some Spanish equivalents might be idiota, pendejo or gilipollas.
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