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    Ciao bushbaby4891,

    Sarebbe più facile per noi a risponderti correttamente se ci fornissi un esempio! Grazie!

    Mi dispiace che non ho riuscito ad esserti più utile.



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    ok avevo evitato perche` mi vergognavo...e` il ttolo di un articolo su un giornale. Comunque e`: "4 things all guys keep private. The first one`s a real doozy".
    Spero sia di aiuto.


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    Doozy, doozies, doozer, doozers: an extraordinary one of its kind

    "It's a doozy! = "It's really fantastic!" or "It's a real beauty!" or "It's really cool!"

    'Doozy" is a slang word similar to "humdinger." These are Americanisms (American slang). These terms aren't used much anymore. They're pretty dated. Sono espressioni da ieri.



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    So bizzarre or extraordinary?

    The original meaning was more "extraordinary" because the origin of "doozy" was a luxury car in the 1920s called a Duesenberg. People would see the car coming down the street and say "That's a doozy!" However, today it is used for either extraordinary or bizarre.



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    ho trovato questa parola (in un manuale tecnico) nella frase:
    "it's inevitable that the Number data type has at least one quirk, and this one's doozy: 0.1 plus 0.2 will not equal to 0.3"
    grazie mille

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    Urban (US) slang! urbandictionary.com says:

    1. doozy something that is difficult or daunting
    man that history exam was a doozy! i think i failed

    2. doozy Something extraordinary or bizarre. Etymology: perhaps alteration of daisy, and Duesenberg, a luxury car of the late 1920s and 1930s. It's an English expression.
    "That footballer's form is a doozy!",
    "Man, that one was a real doozy!"

    3. Doozy Puts emphasis and significance on a certain thing, can be used in almost an circumstance for anything.
    wow what a goal, that was a doozy

    that was a doozy of a meal Mrs. Smith

    that girl has a doozy of a rack

    I imagine that in your context that it means "bizarre".


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    Ciao mikima!

    L'aggettivo "doozy" significa "bizzarro" o "straordinario".

    Nel tuo contesto userei "bizzarro".

    Penso che sia uno slang, ma non ne sono sicuro!




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    it's inevitable that the Number data type has at least one quirk, and this one's doozy: 0.1 plus 0.2 will not equal to 0.3"

    quindi il tipo di data numerico ha qualche problema/guasto/ qualcosa di strano che non quadra .... e questo è un vero rompe capo: