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    On September I´m going to be a Erasmus student in Belgium and while I was looking for accommodation I came across this paragraph:

    dossierkosten :€110 ,staat van bevinding 2x €75,00 (bij intrede en bij uittrede), bij verlenging van de kamer wordt jaarlijks 110,00 euro dossierkosten aangerekend

    Could anyone tell me what this means? Because I've been using translators and dictionaries on the Internet but it doesn't make any sense T_T
    I assume that I have to pay something but if someone could be so kind as to explain it to me...

    Thank you in advance! :)
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    Well Ana.. welcome to Belgium :)

    Dossierkosten: administrative cost (most probably an extra cost to be paid directly to the real estate agent)
    Staat van bevinding: don't know the exact technical translation, but it's a description of the condition of the room upon starting (bij intrede) and ending the lease (bij uittrede), for example things that are broken etc. It's made up by a professional (e.g. an architect), therefore it'll cost you money.
    Why you would have to pay the same administrative cost yearly in case you prolong/renew [the lease of] the room is beyond me (bij verlenging van de kamer).

  3. Ana7 New Member

    thank you!

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