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what do you think for the meaning of "double-book" in the context:
"he may double-book the time" (of an appointment)
does it mean :
- "to give two appointments at the same time by mistake to different people?" or,
- "to give one appointment booking, cancel it and then give another one?"
  • cuchuflete

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    Hi Coquelicot1966,

    Your context is scanty and unclear. Who is "he"? Is it a person making an appointment, or a person granting
    one? For example, is it a patient, or a dentist?


    Istanbul / Turkey - Turkish
    it's a boss who schedule an appointment with his worker. but then, he (the boss) forget this appointment, or he double-book the time.


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    British English
    Double-booking is having two appointments at the same time. It makes no difference if it is a businessman, a doctor, a dentist, or me promising to have coffee with someone at the same time as my hairdressing appointment.

    Thomas Tompion

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    Sometimes hotels and airlines, and maybe even dentists do it, as a matter of conscious policy, to make sure they are fully employed, because people forget or turn up late.