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    How to translate a sentence which contains two clause descirbing one noun, like What was the name of the meal that Hasan said you cook very well?
    I know how to translate them separately
    Hasan senin çok iyi pişirdiğini söyledi - Hasan said that you cook very well.
    Senin çok iyi pişirdiğini yemek - The meal that you cook very well.

    But how to unite them in one sentence?
    I made up: Hasan'ın senin çok iyi pişirdiğini söylediği yemeğin adı neydi?

    But isn't it getting too complicated?
    Isn't there any simplier way to say that?
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    It's correct. :thumbsup:

    There is no simpler way (if you insist on keeping the relative clauses).

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