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Hi. I know that double take probably means that repeating a scene. repeating a shooting scene during filming maybe? but what does it mean here :

- Fräulein von Hammersmark, when your friends came in, did you realize
you did a double take, like in the movies?

- Really? No, I wasn’t aware of that at all.

- They must be second nature to you now. Did they teach you how to do a double take in the movies?

- Well, yes, they did, but it’s not really that

- Do one for us.

She looks directly at them and does a double take.
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    From the WR dictionary: double take: a second reaction to something unexpected, immediately after one's first reaction.

    You're late for the party and you're waiting for your girlfriend to finish getting dressed. She walks into the living room and you glance at her and turn to head for the front door. Then you snap your head around a second time when you realize that she's wearing a penguin costume. (It comes as a surprise -- you thought she was going as a chicken.) That second, often comedic, look is a double take.

    In this case, it does not mean shooting a scene twice.
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