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It's a text about swimming practice, in Philadelphia today.

A young sportswoman (a college girl) says : "We have doubles today" (meaning during the practice).

I've been searching all over Google, didn't find nothing. What could it mean, "doubles", here ? It's definitely not a "doublé", like one might say
about a competition victory.
Could it be a "relais" with two swimmers only (a "relais" is usually by teams of four).
Or maybe a double training session ?
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    Not obvious to me, either. Perhaps they're doing double sets of exercises. Is she a diver (je pense au plongeon synchronisé) ? Maybe a little more context would help?


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    archijacq is right, it means that her practice will last twice what it usually does.
    It's like any other subject (sport or school or etc...) if you have 2 hours of maths instead of one today you'll say "i have a double today" (meaning in the context : my time is doubled)


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    This is an old post but the last resonse is not correct. It is not a practice that lasts twice is long. It is two practices in one day. One in the morning and the second in the afternoon or evening. Source: I used to swim doubles 3x a week.
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