doubt about the word "squeak"


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I've been having some problems in understanding the meaning of the word "squeak" in this context here:
Thanks, you are a legend. Squeak then.

I believe it's been used as a slang for something else, but I couldn't figure out what it was!
If anybody knows what it means, I'd very much appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!
  • JulianStuart

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    You have given us a quote from something. We will need to know the source (or surrounding text or story line or something to provide context) to help answer your question!


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    Oh ok, you're right!
    Anyway, I was asked to take pictures at an event and when I said that I was ok with doing it, they told me that sentence. It was a very informal context, so that is why I was thinking about a slang expression. The person who said it is from London, I don't know if it's any help!
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