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Good afternoon,

I am translating a text for vineyard which includes description of wine/glass pairings and I require some help with a couple of terms.

The first is " douceur":

La collection de verres en cristal XXXXXX allie haute technicité et esthétique, et révèle mieux qu’aucune autre, tout en robe et en douceur, la richesse et la subtilité des arômes.

This is my translation:

The xxxxxxx collection of crystal champagne glasses combines high technology with aesthetics to reveal, better than any other, both in terms of robe and smoothness, the richness and subtlety of the bouquet.

The actual French sentence doesn't really work in my opinion, but in any case does anyone know if there is a common translation of 'douceur' when talking about wine? is it every used in a general sense to mean 'taste' as this would make more sense paired with 'robe'?

Thanks in advance,
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    Douceur usually translates as sweet/smooth/soft in wine tasting.

    PS "Robe" is a false friend. It can only mean "colour" or "appearance" in a wine tasting note.
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