douché l'enthousiasme

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  1. hati New Member

    Hi everyone, could you help me with that sentence?

    How can I say douché l'enthousiasme in English. Full sentence is like this:

    L'entendre exprimer ses craintes avait douché l'enthousiasme de la troupe.

    thanks in advance
  2. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    Can you share your own effort to translate it first, hati?
  3. The MightyQ Senior Member

    English, Canada
    Dampened their enthusiasm or damped their enthusiasm.
  4. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    quenched their enthusiasm
  5. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    quenched (désaltéré) would mean their enthusiasm was somehow satisfied (except it is not a phrase I've ever heard, archi)

    put a damper on their enthusiasm is how I would put it.

    Now hati, can you try to translate the whole sentence into English? (still hoping you'll do your part! :) )
  6. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    quench someone's enthusiasm: refroidir l'enthousiasme

    to quench a fire (éteindre un feu, une flamme)
    (métallurgie): to quench in oil, water: refroidir, éteindre, tremper (le métal)
  7. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    I understand that the dictionary has those equivalents, archijacq, but somehow it doesn't sound right to me when talking about " une douche froide sur l'enthousiasme " . Maybe BE uses it in a different way than AE...
  8. hati New Member

    I think the sentence and the meaning should be all negative, first I thought that douché; has a positive meaning because the sentence after that one doesn't seem appropriate when I consider it negative. But then after I read the whole paragraph I think dampen or put a damper will suit the meaning. like;

    hearing his fears (about their enemies), has put a damper on their enthusiasm.

    the translation is not in English; but if I translate it into English; I would do it like this. :)

    thanks a lot

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