dough well done

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From TV series <The Deuce>,
It's at a restaurant, I think it's the owner yelling:
Order's up over here. Two hen berries, kiss the pan, dough well done, and take a chance.
What is "dough well done" ? THank you.
  • ewie

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    This is the peculiar language of American diners.

    dough well done = 'toast'

    hen berries are presumably eggs; kiss the pan presumably means 'fried'; I've no idea what take a chance might mean.


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    I wonder if 'take a chance' is the same as 'easy over'. Based on the idea that you take a chance that the yolk won't break when flipping the eggs over.

    Just a thought.


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    There is a long list of these "diner phrases": dozens or hundreds of them. They are phrases that were used between a waitress and a cook in a diner (a cheap low-quality traditional US restaurant, very common in the 1950s), and not used anyplace else. The waitress yells them to the cook to start an order. The cook yells them to the waitress when the order is cooked and ready to serve.
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