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I,m translating a documentary about music but don't know much about the subject. In the following sentence:

"Second bar after N should be a really long down beat."

How would I translate "down beat" to French? Thank you!!!
  • LostTrolley

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    Some (mis?) information in this area can be found in the wordreference dictionary. If you type in "upbeat" without a space, it will tell you that it translates to "temps fort".

    The first beat of the bar is "le temps fort", because it is accented. The remaining beats of the bar are "temps faible". The down beat in English is when the conductor's baton goes down - the first beat of the bar, and should therefore be translated "le temps fort". So in my humble (if rather long-winded) opinion, that is the answer to your question.

    It appears to me that there are two errors in the dictionary on this point. First, a musical "up beat" contains a space, and second it translates to "un temps faible" rather than fort. But I stand (or rather cower) to be corrected.

    - M