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    Could someone help me paraphrase the following dialogue?
    A: How did you make that terrific shot? It was amazing.
    B: It was nothing really. I just brought the ball down court and, seeing the game clock out of the corner of my eye, I throw it up at half court.
    A: Wow!

    The part of dialogue which I cannot understand is Speaker B's script "I just brought the ball down court......., I throw it up at half court".
    What do "brought the ball down court" and "throw it up at half court" mean?

    Thank you.
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    Basketball, yes?

    To bring the ball down court means he is dribbling the ball down the court towards the opponent's goal (which is where he scores if he makes a basket).

    To throw it up at half court means that he threw the ball towards the opponent's basket when he was at the half-court mark, i.e. the middle of the entire court.

    Normally, a player wouldn't do that because it is a very long shot with a lower chance of scoring, but he had his eye on the game clock and he could see that he didn't have enough time to get closer to the basket -- he just had to take his chances of a successful shot before the clock ran out and the game was over.

    Obviously, he made the shot.

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