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Hello everyone
I read those sentences, a guy is talking about tennis tips to win a double :

If you see that the two opponents are somewhat spread apart on opposite sides, down the line always works.

Does it mean that we have to aim the center line (between the two players), does the shot has to be long or more like a drop shot ? A second advice with the same expression "down the line" :

Down the line, alley shot towards the server's partner.

It seems that this time, line is naming the singles sidelines ?

Thank you for your help.
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    A "down the line" shot is straight shot, as opposed to a diagonal or cross-court shot, I believe. It is not necessarily a shot down the middle of the court; it's just a shot with a trajectory that is perpendicular to the net.


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    I agree. I think "down the line" means down the centre of the court. The expression "straight down the line" means to go down the middle.
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