'down with a bug'

Discussion in 'English Only' started by junxi3q, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. junxi3q

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    Chengdu, China
    'I'd like to go, but now I'm down with a bug.'
    I guess 'bug' here means some kind of sickness. Does this sentence mean 'I'd like to go, but now I'm sick'? It makes sense but I'm not sure.
    By the way, can you tell me some other way of saying 'I'm sick', like fever, diarrhea, headache? Since the sentence pattern 'I'm suffering from a ...' has been used too many times, I really would like to know some interesting expressions.
    It'll be much appreciated! :)
  2. e2efour

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    England (aged 76)
    UK English
    Bug refers to an infection (which could be bacterial or viral).

    There are lots of expressions for to be ill (or AE sick), such as I'm feeling off colour, I'm a bit off colour, I feel under the weather. Also I've got diarrhoea/a temperature/a headache.

    PS I hope you get better. :)
  3. ewhite

    ewhite Senior Member

    A note of caution: in AE, off color means vulgar, not sick.
  4. junxi3q

    junxi3q Senior Member

    Chengdu, China
    Thanks, ewhite, but still there's something I don't understand.
    I looked 'vulgar' in the dictionary. It means

    not having or showing good taste; not polite;
    rude and likely to offend

    Do you mean 'I fell off color' implies 'I'm not feeling well', but the phrase 'off color' in some other cases means 'rude or not polite'? Can you give an example?
  5. e2efour

    e2efour Senior Member

    England (aged 76)
    UK English
    Apparently the "obscene" meaning is very common in the US.
    See the corpus for "off color" (where nearly all the examples have this meaning, which I find surprising as a speaker of BE:
  6. tannen2004 Senior Member

    Yes, that's right. In America we don't say "I feel off color" at all. We only have the expression "to be off color". Here's an example:

    The joke that Sam told last night was off color.

    Sam's joke was inappropriate or rude.

    We also use it as an adjective "off-color".

    Sam told an off-color joke last night.

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