Downton Abbey on mescaline

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I'm translating Hotel Secrets with Richard E. Grant.
The author of a book on the Shelbourne Hotel is talking about te ball room and says:

"This was the epicentre of these rather wonderfully eccentric hunt balls which always sort of reminded me of Downton Abbey on mescaline, because you know the antics were so lunatic and almost primeval – horses jumping over furniture at one stage".

Can you explain the meaning of "on mescaline" on this sentence? I know it is an allucinogen drug and know as well the TV series but I can't work it out. And does "antics" mean "pranks" here?

Thanks in advance.

  • Myridon

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    I think you may be missing the meaning of "hunt ball." This a party (the mescaline part) after aristocrats and/or wealthy people (Downton Abbey) have been fox hunting. It would be an odd combination to see the characters of Downton Abbey in their fine clothes having a wild party like they were taking a lot of drugs.
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