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Here was the same murmuring quiet, broken only by an occasional whisper, the faint thud of a librarian stamping books or overdue notices, the hushed riffle of newspaper or magazine pages being turned. He loved the quality of the light as much now as then. It slanted through the high windows, gray as a pigeon’s wing on this rainy afternoon, a light that was somehow somnolent and dozey.
Source: It by Stephen King

What does dozey mean? Is it a misspelling or a shoddy editorial for dozy (half asleep)?

Thnak you.
  • PaulQ

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    Alternative spellings:

    OED: "dozy, adj.
    Also dosey, dozey.

    1924 J. Galsworthy White Monkey i. vii. 50 Soames directed his gaze at the pink face of dosey old Mothergill.
    1959 J. Braine Vodi iii. 51 ‘The swine,’ Dick said. ‘You're dozy,’ Liphook said. ‘They were damned decent, really.’
    1961 J. Maclaren-Ross Doomsday Bk. vii. 75 What's funny, you dozey berk?""


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    I haven't seen it spelt that way before, but spelt 'dozy', it's in our WR Dictionary: doz•y (dō′zē), adj., doz•i•er, doz•i•est. drowsy; half asleep.

    You'll have to imagine a sleepy sort of light.

    Crossed with PaulQ, who looked further than I did to find this spelling. :)
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