Dr.-Ing & Dipl.-Ing

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If anyone knows what these abbreviations mean, I would be grateful. They are in a text that I am translating. It went from German -> Spanish and now I'm translating it into English. I do not know if they are German abbreviations or if I am simply ignorant of their meaning.

Again, they are : Dr.-Ing and Dipl.-Ing
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    I don't know exactly, but I can tell you this:
    "Dr." is short for "Doktor".
    "Ing." stands for "Ingenieur" ("engineer"), "Dipl." for "Diplom" ("diploma").
    "Dipl. Ing." was the first academical degree that could be achieved, I think nowadays it's "Master".
    "Doktor" is the next degree in line. So, a "Dr. Ing." is someone who has done the first two exams in a technical science.
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    Dr. Ing. = Doktor der Ingenieurswissenschaften (Ph.D. in engineering; studied on a university)
    Dipl. Ing. = Diplomingenieur (graduated engineer with diploma; has studied on a university)

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