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could anyone explain me what you mean in Eng when you use Dr Seussian as an adjective?
I found it in google in sentences as "the Dr. Seussian response..." and as "This Dr. Seussian landscape...", but I still don't understand it.
My sentence is "slightly Dr Seussian in design". It is refering to the door of a bar.
Does this make sense to anyone of you?

Many thanks in advance
  • mrbilal87

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    Hi catiuscan,

    Dr. Seussian means it expresses characteristics similar to those used by Dr. Seuss in his poetry.



    Spanish, Spain
    thanks for answering so quick!
    according to what I've just found about his work, could it mean surrealista? (surrealist/surrealistic)?
    The only thing is that I don't know how a dor or even a bar can be surrealistic...
    Any more ideas?
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