draft--> like some long, satisfying draft

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International - Spanish
The word "draft" makes me get lost. What does it stand for? What's the intrinsec meaning of the words highlighted?

"And now the other way," he had said, gently turning her about within his arm; and closely pressed to him, she had absorbed, like some long, satisfying draft, the picture of the gray-walled court, the squat lions on the gates, and the lime-avenue reaching up to the highroad under the downs.
  • Egmont

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    English - U.S.
    It's definition 5 in the WR dictionary: "the U.S. spelling of 'draught.' "

    "Draught," in turn, is a BE (British English) word meaning a single act of drinking something. It's pronounced as it's spelled in the U.S., "draft."

    So, basically, it's a long, satisfying drink.
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