Drag back as a phrasal verb


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Hello again, guys !

Does anybody know what "drag back" means ?

This is the text:
It was, scavenging-not hunting- that seems to have led humans into the traits from which civilization arose. Unlike other primates, which forage and eat by themselves, primitive hominids had an appetite for big game that required them to go out in groups to ward off hungry competitors and drag back the heavy chunks of meat for mates and tribe. This need for cooperation would favour hominids who created close-knit societies and were able to communicate ...
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    "Drag back" is not a phrasal verb. The verb is "drag"; "back" is used as an adverb indicating the item is being dragged in the direction from which the hunter originally came.

    I went to the post office with my sister in her car, but since it was such a nice day I decided to walk back instead of driving back with her.
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