draining the swamp

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Does it mean "removing the political sludge"?

Thanks in advance
Trump’s critics say that populating an administration with people of enormous wealth and myriad financial interests is not “draining the swamp” as Trump had promised, but simply bringing in another species of reptile.

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    Maybe. What do you mean by "political sludge?" The phrase, used in this context, essentially means clean up politics - how that is to be accomplished depends on the speaker. Trump's use of the phrase has seemed to suggest an interest in removing the influence of special interests and powerful lobbyists on the federal government.

    The author of that sentence has made a strange choice in "another species of reptile." Usually, when swamps are drained, it's to reduce the population of mosquitoes, or other bugs. I've never heard of a swamp draining project aimed at removing reptiles. The author easily could have written, "...but simply bringing in another species of blood sucker."

    If you're curious, here's an article on the origin and use of the phrase: The Big Apple: “Drain the swamp” (clean up government)
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