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  1. travelingchicken

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    Hello everybody,

    I have a rather urgent question about the precise translation, into French, of "draught-free clean room". In the context, we are talking about some laboratory facilities and equipement. I have an idea of the general meaning / litteral translation of this, but I suspect the French version would be slightly different, the lab vocabulary being generally specific and technical.

    Is there any laboratory guy around who could help me with this ? Is there any specific vocabulary that should be used there in French, or shall I go with "pièce propre sans courants d'air" ?

    Thanks a lot
  2. SteveD

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    I think that "clean room" translates as "salle blanche".
  3. travelingchicken

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    Thanks Steve,

    after checking on the Internet for "salle blanche", that's probably what I'm looking for, even though it seems pretty sophisticated in my context. I think I'll go with it.

    Have a nice day !
  4. How do you translate "a draught-free spot" (in a room to store wine)though?
    Sans courant d'air?

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