draw a <three> on each side of your face


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Does "three" here literally refer to "3"? Draw a 3 on each side of your face using matte (matte finish?)...

Thanks in advance

Step 11: Contour Right
Contouring can create the same chiseled cheekbones and structured jaw that tanning seems to. Try Bonelli’s goof-proof tip: “Using a matte one shade darker than your foundation, draw a three on each side of your face, hitting the outer corners of your forehead, under your cheekbones, and your jawline.”

-By Kristen Dold

  • Keith Bradford

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    Yes; it's a simple way (as the author thinks) of describing the shape to be drawn. Personally, I don't know which way round these shapes are meant to be applied. Allowing that a reversed 3 looks like an E, should they be...
    ...like this 3|E

    ...or like this E|3 ???

    I hope the article was illustrated!


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    I thought it was hard, too, when reading, but start with your finger on your forehead, go around your socket and the rest is obvious. It makes a perfect 3 (or reverse 3).

    I'm not sure what they mean by matte. The way they use it sounds like it's a substance of its own but usually it's an adjective describing something else.
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