draw attention on

  • Cathy Rose

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    United States English
    Yes, it's ungrammatical to draw one's attention "on;" you definitely want to use to in this instance. However, you can say "focus your attention on."


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    English/BE, Français/CH, Deutsch/CH (rustier & rustier)
    I don't know if it's technically ungrammatical. It certainly shows up in around 16K hits on Google (versus 3.4 million, for "to") - but I just can't think of an instance where I would use it.

    Matching Mole

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    England, English
    I don't know if it is considered ungrammatical, either, but I think it's the inappropriate use of a preposition. When you draw something (meaning to lead or attract something) you draw it from where it is to somewhere else. You don't draw it on.
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