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What does draw on mean in this context ?
It's about watercolour painting, the text as follows, the author English:

To bring out the various gnarled masses of the tree, I used all sorts of strokes, blurred areas of creamy or pasty colour on a semi - or
cool matt surface, halos, dilute colours on dry paper. In some places, I also used a synthetic chisel brush.
All these strokes need to draw on the sedimented pigment without being rushed. When the creamy colours had been applied, the
shiny surface was left to develop of its own account.
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    This is the use of the phrasal verb draw on to mean depend on you already have. Typically, people talk about needing to draw on their inner strength, or to draw on their faith, for example.

    The reference to 'sedimented pigment' suggests that there is a layer or more of paint already. (Is that correct?) The additional strokes depend very much on the pigment already there.

    It would be good to give us the name of the source.
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