dream to me vs heaven for me

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Can someone please explain to me the difference between this two prepositions ''for'' and ''to''? I don't understand why one sentence takes one over the other and their meanings in this context.

- The first two weeks I spent in Paris were heaven for me

- She is like a dream to me

Thank you for your help
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    Hello. I'll do my best to answer...

    'She is like a dream to me.' I would tend to use 'to me' with more abstract ideas, concepts, opinions and emotions, etc.
    She is like a mentor to me.
    He seemed upset to me.
    The calculation seems off to me.

    'The first two weeks I spent in Paris were heaven for me.' I would use 'for me' with more concrete associations and with actions especially. The first two weeks in Paris can describe an action, or a cumulation of actions or events, which you have gone through.
    That exam was difficult for me.
    It was like a dream race for me.
    It was an honor for me to attend.

    I have seen the phrase is heaven to me. I think, if you felt Paris was like heaven, you could say, Paris is heaven to me. Here, there is only an abstract concept of it described. It would be similar to, She is like a dream to me.

    I hope this helps. :)
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