dredging the swamp

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You would think he would be at the office learning how to be president, reading intelligence briefings, dredging the swamp. No, he’s golfing. It's an addiction, right?
(Source: Revisionist History Podcast)

What does 'dredging the swamp' mean in this context?

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    Please see this thread: bubble up out of the Washington, D.C., swamp

    It explains that 'swamp' is a pejorative metaphor used to refer to the federal government. When Trump was campaigning to be president, he promised to 'drain the swamp', which people understood as meaning that he would get rid of the corruption in the federal government. As Hildy1 says, 'dredging the swamp' has approximately the same meaning, except that you would be digging the mud an swampy creatures out of the swamp, instead of draining out the water and leaving it dry land that swampy creatures can't live in.
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