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sun 94

If somone's way of wearing clothes is very differnt from what ordinary people are, what do you say? Can I say as follows?

She dresses in a very unusuay way or she wear differntly from ordinary people do.
  • brian

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    AmE (New Orleans)
    You can say: She dresses in a very unusual way.

    You cannot say: She wears differently...

    To dress is an intransitive verb,* so it doesn't require an object, whereas to wear is a transitive verb, so it requires an object. So you can say:

    She dresses differently than ordinary people do.
    She wears odd/weird/unusual clothes.
    <-- "clothes" is the object
    She dresses oddly/weirdly/unusually.
    Her fashion sense is unique/odd/weird/unusual.
    She has a unique/odd/weird/unusual sense of style.

    etc. etc.

    *except in the case of dressing someone else, e.g. a mother who dresses her child.
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