drew men out of rock

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El siguiente poema de Ted Hughes me deja algunas dudas:

A great bird landed here.
Its song drew men out of rock,
Living men out of bog and heather.

Its song put a light in the valleys
And harness on the long moors.

Its song brought a crystal from space
And set it in men’s heads.

Then the bird died.
Its giant bones
Blackened and became a mystery.

The crystal in men’s heads
Blackened and fell to pieces.

The valleys went out.
The moorland broke loose.

Con "drew man out of rock" se refiere a que el canto del pájaro "creó" seres humanos a partir de la roca, ¿verdad? Y en cuanto a "went out" y "broke loose", al final del poema, los entiendo casi como sinónimos. Al desaparecer el orden que proporcionaba el gran pájaro, los valles y el páramo quedan sueltos, se separan. ¿Va por ahí la cosa? Agradezco opiniones.
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    Brilliant poem. My impression (interpretation) is that the bird in this poem is the civilizing and enlightening factor for early man.

    The bird dies.

    Thus, the lovely valleys disappear and in their stead we now have the acidic, low-nutrient, water-logged moorlands.

    All this is metaphoric of course.

    And there is much more to the poem.
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