"...drew taught..." (possible typo)


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I have a question about the possible typo in the title of this thread, seen in the digital edition of the Pacific Rim novelization, by Alex Irvine. The context: "From Gipsy Danger’s right gauntlet, a long whip made of serrated metal segments woven together with a high-tension cable spilled out into the stratosphere. Mako clenched her fist. Again, feeling and anticipating the motion, Raleigh did the same, even though he didn’t know what she was up to.

The whip stiffened and its links knit together and drew taught with a rattling clank that vibrated throughout the Jaeger. Otachi kept hacking away, and with her wounded arm Gipsy Danger kept parrying.

Am I right in thinking that instead of "taught", it should read "taut"?

Thanks for your help.
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