Drift and disillusionment

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Extract taken from The Guardian, on the topic of British polical scenario regarding David Cameron. I'd be grateful if anyone could explain the highlighted words below:
In the Sunday Times last month, the well-connected rightwing columnist Martin Ivens reported: "Tory loyalists and critics alike increasingly fear that David Cameron is a loser ... real doubts have taken hold that Cameron can win the next election." In the current issue of the Tory journal the Spectator, a cover article by the editor Fraser Nelson is more definite: "Drift and disillusionment will lose Cameron the next election," runs the headline. "Dave's going down."

Thank you.
  • boozer

    Senior Member
    Drift - when you do nothing to change the course of events, you just drift along.
    Disillusionment - but that is in every dictionary, I expect - people are disappointed with the current state of affairs
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