drift [into crime]


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Hi there:
I am learning the word" drift".
I know it has a lot of meaning.
One of the meaning in my source says:
If someone or something drifts into a situation, they get into that situation in a way that is not planned or controlled.

Also there is one example :
"We need to offer young people drifting into crime an alternative set of values. "

I wonder what it means.
I can't grasp it. Could you rephrase it or clarify it for me?
Thanks for your reply!!!
  • tannen2004

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    Here "drifting" means gradually moving, most likely without knowing it. So to rephrase, "we need to offer youth who are slowly moving towards crime/criminality another choice or a new set of values" (in other words we need to get them out of the criminal world).
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