drift on a journeying that reaches into bodily recesses

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Blue Apple

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Persian (Iran)
The following text describes this video art . Does the bold sentence imply "the viewer's vision is encouraged to go beyond the limitations of body (to watch fluid and transformed bodies) and create new forms in the viewer's mind that are beyond the limitations of secondary narcissism"?


The work is narcissistically playful, teasing the gaze, but importantly avoids being fixed and stabilised in the Lacanian register of the eye. Vision is here solicited to drift on a journeying that reaches into bodily recesses to create new schemas that dismantle the rigidity of secondary narcissism. Again a soundtrack of a lullaby in string and bells provides a sonorous landscape that extends the processual expansiveness of the imagery, re-finding rather than returning to a narcissian paradise in which we can indulge in a transformational space of mutual gazing rather than being subjected to the cut of Lacan’s mirror stage in which we can only occupy one side of the mirror or the other (Art and Psychoanalysis by Maria Walsh).
  • Barque

    It means the viewer is invited to start looking at things on a visual journey that leads him to look at body recesses as well, in order to create new schemas etc.

    It sounds a very pretentious sentence to me.
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