drink wine for friendship


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Hello, my friends,

I write this letter to invite my good friend to a party. I was wondering whether the underlined part is idiomatic or is there any better choice of phrase:

We were wondering if you could come to the party. It would be great to take picture of all of us and drink some wine for our friendship.
  • fiercediva

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    I would say informally, "It would be great to get a picture of all of us toasting our friendship," unless there is some reason for the specific mention of wine.


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    Well, toasting = party guests raising a glass of something alcoholic (not necessarily wine) to celebrate friendship, so that would be the drinking and the friendship in one phrase.


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    Actually "drink to . . . " is a common phrase in English, and needn't even involve alcohol (although it usually does). A group of people could be having fruit juice or sodas or wine or whatever, and one of the group might say, "Let's drink to our lasting friendship!" Or, if one of the group has just been accepted by a new employer, "Let's drink to ___'s success in his new job!"
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