Drinking isn’t only something to do


I came across the phrase of "Drinking isn’t only something to do" when reading an article. Here is context :

Drinking isn’t only something to do—it’s something everyone can do together. It’s how many freshmen begin meeting people. “You don’t know anybody, and then somebody hands you a beer and pretty soon you’re hanging out with a bunch of guys,” says Eric, a 19-year old sophomore, remembering his first days in college. Freshmen drink hard early on: A 1995 Harvard study of college freshmen found that 70 percent binge drink in their social circle (and worship once or twice at the Temple of the Porcelain God), many decide to drink infrequently or not at all.

How can I understand "Drinking isn’t only something to do" in the first sentence?
Can anybody there kindly give me some explanation?
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