dripping with vibe

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Source: Prince Fans Get First Look At His Vault With 'Piano & A Microphone 1983'

CHANG: The album [of Prince] features nine songs that Prince recorded solo on cassette in his home studio. They represent a pivotal moment in his career after the release of his fourth album, "1999," and before the smash hit "Purple Rain." Critic Tom Moon says the 35-minute set offers a rare look into how Prince approached songwriting.

TOM MOON, BYLINE: Even Prince's scratch pad was dripping with vibe.
Hi everyone! What does the bold part mean? Thanks in advance,
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    The metaphor "dripping with" means that something or someone is so loaded with something that they drip the way a sponge does when it is full of water. You might see the phrase "dripping with envy" about someone who is overcome with envy and evidencing that by behavior, or whose mental state is taken over by it. The word "vibe" goes back to the 60's and it has a lot of meanings. Primarily it means the sensations you receive from something. You might look up the Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations".
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