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J'ai besoin de trouver un équivalent français pour " drive-by visual Muzak" dans le contexte:
The big box retailers, the anonymous glass towers and office parks, the generic apartments and condominiums we pass by on our way to some place else have all become a kind of drive-by visual Muzak.

J'ai trouvé dans les pages Web qu'on parle d'"une muzak visuelle", et un dictionnaire donne un équivalent de "muzak" - "musique de fond", "fond sonore".
Peut-être, on peut traduire "visual Muzak" ici par "fond visuel" ? Mais que faire avec "drive-by"? Je n'ai aucune idée! Pourriez-vous m'aider, sv.p.?

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    It's very difficult to translate the word "Muzak" not just because it's a trademark, but because of the connotation it carries. It is background music, but in North American culture it has come to be associated with words like insipid, inoffensive, bland and ubiquitous.

    The idea the author is trying to project these connotations into our current architectural style. Everywhere we drive, there is the same types of buildings and they form a uniformly bland and unchallenging backdrop for our driving.

    Best I can think of is "un Muzak visuel". Drive-by is arguably redundant (and difficult to translate). It's just one of those cases where if you don't get the reference, then you're going to miss the point of the sentence, regardless of the language.
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